Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hufflepuff Socks

Since there is absolutely no way that I can complete 2 socks size 15 double e width by April 2, I am submitting the one sock incomplete for your viewing. Opal Uni is the black thread ( 2 skeins ) Fortissma Sock yarn in white and gray, and Yellow is an acrylic sock yarn. I actually like the socks and Jesse really thinks the sock is cool looking.
I re-watched GoF and I still prefer the books by far. The movie to me was extremely disjointed and without reading the book many of the scenes don't make sense.
I re-read Books 1 -3 while knitting a sweater for a customer. Enjoyed them so much.
Karen A.


Cheryl said...

They look great! Check out my socks I made for Man with very large feet on my blog compared to my Hufflepuffs. I am a size 6.5-7.5 and he is 16eeee. We must like them a lot... :)
(pic will be up in an hour or so)

Lynn said...

Love that sock!
The colors are great. :)