Sunday, March 18, 2007

A (repeat) introduction...

I put the first copy of this intro in the comment section of the first post.
Now that i'm officially a part of the KAL, i figured it would be best to re-post it!

My name is eKNITbeth and I'm a Ravenclaw (Hufflepuff was a moderately close second). To prove it, I have done the research ;D (I sampled a variety automated sorters and HP communities with essay tests, about 8 in all). I would be thrilled that I will be able to post about the HP books (my favorites are GoF and HBP) and movies (PoA is the best). I've shipped Ron/Hermione (and Harry/Ginny, before it actually happened) since the beginning. My husband tolerates my obsession (read: he'll watch the movies, but not read the books--fie). I have not yet knit anything HP related, but I have scouted all four movies thoroughly for every knitted garment/blanket/tea cozy etc. (there are a rediculous number of them! i love it!)Alright, enough already!

Happy Knitting/Reading!


Jo said...

Does anybody know where the term "shipping" came from? I've never heard anybody but HP fans use it.

I also connected Ron with Hermione and Harry with Ginny fairly early on. But most of us probably did.

If you really have a list of all the knitted/crochet items in the HP movies and books, would you consider sharing it with us?

My Weasley sweater is up to the armholes, and it will split for front and back in the next few rows. I added a gusset under the arm since I actually expect to wear this. After I "finish" it for the KAL/contest, I'll probably add pockets, too, because I can't stand clothes without pockets.

I've been thinking about making an original design inspired by HP for the second half of the KAL/contest. It partially depends on whether I can get the yarn when it's on sale next week.

I hope everyone has been having a happy weekend!

Crimson said...

*floating by for a moment* I heard the term "shipping" back in the day when I was a huge fan (X-Phile, if you will) of the X-Files. I've heard it used before with other fans, not just HP or XF. *floats away*

Miss Scarlett said...

Welcome to Ravenclaw!
I totally think Ginny and Harry are great for each other ... though things don't look good for Harry in the last book, if he is the final Horcrux...but I digress.
I LOVE Ron and Hermione - I just read today that Emma Watson won't be making the last 2 movies, that she is tired of being 'that girl' from HP. That would be a shame if it is true- you can't credit everything you read online.

Ahhh Crimson- another X-Phile (it's been awhile since I saw that term!). It's always fun to be visited by a House Ghost!

Can't wait to see what you decide on for the KAL - I second sharing the extensive list you have compiled from movies re: knit projects. That would be excellent.

Em said...

Hi E/Beth
I think I still need to add you to the sidebar :-0 ! Should I list you under Eknitabeth or Beth? So glad you've joined!