Friday, March 9, 2007

Jo's Intro

I've already been sorted into Ravenclaw and Em was nice enough to put
my name under Ravenclaw in the sidebar (Johann).

I would LOVE to be the Ravenclaw ghost!!!

I blog at with a cell phone. Blogger doesn't
support this or the computers I have available at work. So I can
comment, but not blog. This really makes me feel like a ghost!

I'm going to keep looking for a computer to post from (maybe the
library?) but if I find one it'll probably be inconvenient. So I'll
probably continue to only be able to comment most of the time. Being
house ghost would be perfect.

I used to belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), which
is a group of historical reenactors that does the Middle Ages and
Renaissance. It gave me an opportunity to live in the Middle Ages for
a while.

Since that's where most of the lore about witches comes from, I've
picked up a lot.

When I go to the Renfair, I wind up bewildering somebody sometime
during the day. At the last one, I found a fellow Scadian, and we
happily blazoned our arms to each other, while the rest of the group
regarded us as if we were speaking Greek.

I started a Ravenclaw hat in navy and silver on Tuesday and finished
it on Wednesday. I love it, and have started another one in blue and
bronze. I've just finished the rib at the bottom. It should be done
before the weekend.

I didn't remember how the very finish of it goes. I watched PoA again,
but there weren't any hats of this type. I don't think there were any
in Stone, either.

Anyway, I decreased to 3 sts and did a short I-cord, which I tied into
an overhand knot. It's a nice finish, even if it's not correct.



Ann said...

Welcome Jo!
I've always been interested in SCA. One of my cousins was in it, but he is much older and I never really was able to discuss it with him.
Make whatever hats you like - the movies are just what a designer thought up anyway. I wish I had enough leftover yarn to make a Ravenclaw hat. I have enough blue, but my bronze is almost nil.
Welcome again - it's great to have so many Ravenclaws!

Miss Scarlett said...

Welcome to Ravenclaw Jo!!
You'll have to share a pic of your hat - if you can.
We are glad to have you with us.