Sunday, March 11, 2007

PoA Discussion

I've just started re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban. What struck me right away when I started re-reading the books was that Hagrid borrowed Sirius Black's motorcycle to deliver baby Harry to Dumbledore and the Dursleys. And now in PoA I'm struck by noticing that everyone so far, including Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are convinced that Sirius Black was Voldemort's second in command.

So (and maybe this will be answered later - but I've forgotton lots over the years) was Sirius Black working undercover to penetrate Voldemort's group?

If he was working undercover, who were the ones who knew about it? Certainly Hagrid had no worries about him, otherwise he would not have borrowed the motorcycle. I would imagine Dumbledore knew too. But did McGonegall know? So far in my reading, and I'm not yet all that far in the book, it seems that almost everyone (maybe even including Lupin) are warning Harry about Sirius Black. But surely some know that Sirius was wrongly accused. Who are those people?

In PoA, when Harry, Ron, and Hermione go visit Hagrid at night after the Hippograff incident, Hagrid was a bit tipsy. After he sticks his head in water to sober himself and realizes that the three were visiting him at night, he yells at them that they should not be wandering about at night. Is this because he's worried about the dementors, or about Sirius Black? I can't imagine that he would be worried about Sirius Black if he wasn't back when Harry was a baby.

Anyway - those are my questions so far.

I'm hoping that everyone in Ravenclaw (and the other houses also) are doing well and that their projects are going well.

My tie is coming along. I've used up all my blue and bronze yarn in the striping up the front of the yarn, so now I will have to just do the back section of the tie in boring solid navy. I have other projects going as well and will post some new pictures soon.

I am very happy to welcome Jo, our Ravenclaw ghost, and all other ghosts to the blog!


Miss Scarlett said...

Hi Treesh!
Oooh I love these kinds of questions/discussions.
Ok 1st - We can be pretty sure that Sirius was not undercover with VD because he does not have the Dark Mark.
2nd - At that time no one knew how VD managed to find the Potters. Sirious had been their secretkeeper but he had told the secret to Pettigrew. Sirius must deduct who the traitor is after he sees to Harry's safety.
It is later that Sirius confronts Pettigrew and Pettigrew transmogrifies,creates a huge blast, leaving his finger behind to make people believe that Sirius killed him and was the one who betrayed the Potters.
When Hagrid borrows his motorcycle he trusts Sirius as he has no reason not to. It is later that most people become convinced that he betrayed the Potters and must therefore be working for VD.

Ok - I think the not being out at night thing is a Hogwarts rule in general. But also, Hagrid - like most - thinks that Sirius is looking to kill Harry and that they are taking a big risk walking about at night in secret. Harry also hasn't done to well with the Dementors and they cannot be trusted to obey Dumbledore's orders - so he could be worried about that too. Mostly I think he is worried about Sirius. (Only because I can't recall reading of Hagrid believing Sirius is innocent?)
I haven't started ANY of the books yet - time is escaping me.
I haven't been working on my HouseScarf because I was taking part in KnitOff. Soon, soon, soon I have got to be finished that dull, DULL scarf. I like the finished product but it is endless feeling. I am sure I will feel the same about my HouseScarf!!

Jo said...

Miss Scarlett is right except for one thing.

At the last minute, they changed their minds and made Peter the secret-keeper instead of Sirius because they thought LV would expect Sirius to be the secret-keeper, and never think to question Peter. That way Sirius couldn't betray them even if tortured.

I've been having so much fun with the KAL and been having such frustration about only being able to comment that I'm overjoyed to be house ghost!

Blocking will happen on the scarves tonight or tomorrow, and then all I'll need to do is the fringe.

I was reading mugglenet today and found some interesting info. I must've missed the part where they mentioned that Sirius' father was named Orion. That's a constellation also called the hunter, three of his children are named for stars in that constellation: Sirius Regulis, and Belletrix.

The information about the names is fascinating!

Treesh said...

Thanks for your answers.

I've been reading up on all this also in the Lexicon. It's been very helpful.

Crimson said...

Hi treesh! I just started re-reading Azkaban the other day as well (I'm about in the middle). At probably my fourth or fifth reading of Sorcerer's Stone, I also recall being struck by the fact that Hagrid borrowed Sirius' motorcycle to deliver Harry to Dumbledore. I hadn't ever noticed it before, and thought it sounded important.

However, that Hagrid (after he de-drunkified himself) shouted at the trio for visiting out after dark because of the dementors being out never even crossed my mind. I thought he, like the rest, were all in a bit of a tizzy about Sirius. I've always thought of the dementors as more of an annoyance (though they're still a very sinister and scary annoyance).

Good luck on finishing your tie. I can't wait to see photos!

(And Jo, you're a Ravenclaw ghost too? How funny! I'm also in Ravenclaw.)

Janet said...

Hagrid using Sirius motorcycle shows us that Hagrid somewhat trusts Sirius. Even though when Sirius asks Hagrid to give Harry to him, Hagrid replies Dumbledore told me to take him to the muggles and refuses Sirius.

When Hagrid finally realizes that the kids are out after dark, I always thought that it was because of the dementors.