Saturday, March 17, 2007

How much of a geek...

How much of a geek are you?

Me? Sometimes I scare myself. I reread book 1. Loved it. I still think it's my fav just because it's all 'new', the introduction to the Wizarding world and Hogwarts.

One thing I heard about on Mugglecast #79 (which I love and if you don't listen to it, I highly recommend it) is the 7 'tests' Harry has to complete before getting to the Stone (Fluffy, Devil's Snare, Keys, Chess, Troll, Potions, Mirror) actually reflect the 7 books. You should check it out. Very interesting theories talked about.

Anyway, as mentioned I'm a geek.

How so? (Besides the Potter Podcasts and belonging to a Potter KAL?)
I have book 2 in three forms.
I've got the book by my chair. The CD is in my car. And I have it on my IPod for when I'm doing chores.

At least this way I know I'll get through them all before the last *sniff* book comes out.

As for my Knitting, that's come to a screeching halt. I either have tendonitis or carpal in my left wrist, so my knitting is hidden in the closet for a week. Oh well, I'll be sure to catch up on Harry!


Janet said...

Ok fine now I have to re-read Sorcerer's Stone for the upteenth time to see what else I have missed.

Good luck w/the carpal thing. That is a bummer.
As for a geek- well I am not even going to round up all the copies of the series that I have here. Hint we have at least 3 hard back copies of GoF. (Each reading child has a set of their own.) But still I go to the library to check them out on tape/Cd. lol

Treesh said...

After re-reading Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets, and before starting Prisoner of Azkaban, I had to read Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts. They were checked out at our library, but I put a hold on them and finally got them. I hadn't read them before.

A while ago I had been listening to Harry Potter podcasts, but I was falling behind in my listening, so I unsubscribed to a bunch of things. I think I will check out some books on tape though. I'm finding it hard to read and knit at the same time :)

Miss Scarlett said...

Hmmm I have never heard of the podcasts before.
That is a very interesting theory indeed.
Thanks for sharing - if I have time (yeah right!) I will go check that out.
That is not so geeky - that is dedicated!
Geeky is I cannot stop playing the RPG that was posted here and now I am falling behind in knitting AND reading! LOL

Miss Scarlett said...

Whoops - Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you recover soon.