Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hello Ravenclaws!

Hi! I'm Sarah from Alabama. I was sorted into Ravenclaw. This past week was my spring break week, so I used the opportunity to read books 1-5. I would have read book six but my mom only let me bring 1-5. I still feel that my favorite book is Prisoner of Azkaban. I love finding that Harry has someone who is like family, that his parents chose, not him. I think that they did a horrible job with the movie, though. My favorite movie is the first.

I can't think of anything to knit for my knit a long project. Does anyone have any ideas? I think I may make the Horcrux socks. I can't really decide.

I am in middle school, so I tend to have trouble finding time to read. I am allowed to knit in all of my classes except math, so that is no problem. I just have to find to read!



Lyndsey-Jane said...

It is so cool that you can knit in class! I'm at University and wouldn't dare get my knitting out my lecturers would go mad at me!

Treesh said...

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to Ravenclaw and to the KAL. We're glad that you are here.

I know that it is sometimes hard to come up with project ideas. I knit a tie in Ravenclaw colors. Others have knit socks (and I do think that the Horcrux socks are pretty neat). Still others are knitting hats or scarves. I'm thinking of making some little crocheted or knitted toys that remind me of creatures in the books (owls, cats dragons for instance). It's great that you can knit in class. Socks are good small projects. I'm sure something will come to you.

Jo said...

WHAT are horcrux socks?

I know what a horcrux is, but SOCKS?

I'm picturing "I'm sorry I kicked him, but I couldn't help it. My socks have been posessed by Voldemort!"

Cheryl said...

Welcome Sarah
I used to knit in all my classes in High School, didn't bother anyone and still got As and Bs, LOL. It is so lovely to have a younger generation member here, I am sure we all look forward to your posts.

Miss Scarlett said...

You get to knit at school? That is excellent - sounds like your teachers know all about that principles of Active Learning! Nice.
Welcome to Ravenclaw. You certainly got a lot of reading done during your Spring Break - good for you!