Saturday, July 21, 2007

Anyone Finished Yet?

I finished reading this morning...and I am all antsy--I want to talk about the book so bad but everyone is still reading...i.e. all the forums are down. I stayed up most of the night--I had a 2 hour nap at 5 and finished the book this morning before 11.

I am sitting here groggy and tinking back my MS3, pondering if I should re-read The Deathly Hallows just for kicks.


Treesh said...

I'm almost done - on page 615. Hubby insists that I take a break to eat something. But I will get done tonight.

I will want to talk about it!

Just A Knit Wit said...

I finished the book at 9 am this morning. I read all night long, I kept telling myself I'd finish after such and such chapter, but then something else would happen!


Janet said...

lol! I read until 5 this am also. Am now on pg. 700? I will be going back and re read previous 2 chaps. Very difficult to read w/an active toddler.

Rachel said...

Oh, definitely re-read!

Karen said...

Oh boy! Going to wait maybe a day or two to start the re-read.

Oh boy, oh boy!

Jo said...

Yes, but did you LIKE it?

Did it have a satisfying ending?

Did it make you cry?

Birdwell said...

Oh I cried BUCKETS. I LOVED it. The ending was just how I wanted it. I was also glad to know that all my pet theories panned out. Although I do have questions to ask JK.

I found an open forum...a lot of people seemed to hate the book, but they spoiled themselves by reading a copy that was released earlier in the week that they thought was fanfic so they predisposed themselves to hate it. Also some didn't seem to realise that JK is the AUTHOR and what she writes IS canon, so she can have her characters DO what she needs them to do and the character do things because that just how they are!

Should we have a post that allows total discussion of the book in it's comments? Post clearly labeled all comments are spoilers to warn folks away if they aren't finished?