Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weasley's Swamp Star Pillow


I wanted to post pics of the yarn I received for winning the trivia contest and what I did with it.

(Pictures are clickable for enlargement).

I received two beautiful skeins of Waikiki yarn with Slytherin-green colors. This first picture shows one whole skein and one star made from the other skein.

Since I crochet, I decided to make 2 stars and then join them togther (with a black lining and batting inside), to form a pillow. (It could also be used as a sachet as well).

The colors reminded me of a swamp. Especially the mossy green. I added two buttons in that color to the centers of the star pillow on each side. So, in honor of the fabulous Weasley twins swamp created in the halls of Hogwarts, (much to Umbridge's dismay), I named it the Weasley's Swamp Star Pillow.

I really love it and I want to thank Emily for the yarn.


Birdwell said...

Too cute--I love that idea.

I wish the filmmakers could have put more Weasley high jinx into the movie though.

I love the Weasley Twins.

Treesh said...

Nice idea for a project with your green yarn. Looks really good!