Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm Very Pleased with Book 7

I went to the Union Square Barnes & Noble (NYC) for the release. While all 4 floors were amazingly decorated, and the people who showed up in costume were also amazing, the staff weren't prepared for the hordes of people who showed up, and it was a disorganized nightmare. As we left, and took a taxi to the Penn Station Border's, we saw at least three blocks of people lining up to purchase the book. Border's wasn't as crowded, but they also had some neat decorations, people also showed up in costume, and they had a much better handle on organization and crowd control. We were out of there with our books by 12:40.

When I got back to the hotel I stayed up reading til 5:30, took a nap, and and finished the book by 10:30. I LOVED the book, it answered so many questions and was really brilliantly done. I read as slowly as possible, savoring every word, and was sorry when I finished it. So I read it again. I'll probably read it yet again, soon.

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Kim said...

I, too, liked the new book. I am, however, dismayed that ms. umbridge was not finished off. What happened to her is not shared. It should have been. Also, Who became the Headmaster?
Come on, we need to know.