Thursday, July 12, 2007

Movies, Contests, and What-Not

I thought, what with so many of us probably having seen the movie, we should be able to discuss it here. But not wanting to discuss it in front of those who might not have been at the 11:59pm showing, Tuesday, (I'm with you there Knit Wit), we Heads of House ask, if feel you could give something about the film away, put the word "Spoiler" in your title. I realize that's probably a "no kidding" request, but just to keep us all on the same page...

Also, the winner of the "Who's Your Favorite Character" contest will be posted by tomorrow night. So keep your eyes open, there were lots of great answers!

As for What-Not, well, I can't think of any... except- Good Job OotP filmmakers. I don't have time to go into it now (and I didn't write "Spoiler" in my title ;-0 ), but I was pleased. And with that being my favorite book, I had high expectations. In our poll (oh- yes!- there's a new poll- don't forget to vote- turn out last time was faaaabulous) I even picked that "Exceeds Expectations." I don't know if I could ever give an HP film "Outstanding" unless they could make it six hours long, and fit in almost every character. An HP miniseries perhaps... it's an idea...


Lynn said...

It is now Friday the 13th.
I got to see the movie last night and our showing went till 1AMish
Enjoyed it immensely.
Sorry, no spoiler here.
My favorite Character in the series so far is Tonks. I think she is like me: a little wild for a Sunday after noon. I think the character that I most resemble in looks and acts is Mrs. Weesley.

Ann said...

Love the miniseries idea!