Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Drinking Too Much Butterbeer

Yummo! I love this stuff--I can totally see why Winky can't handle the stuff--it's so sweet! Via, I found mugglenet's butterbeer recipe--if you read the comments it has a link to an adult version of the recipe. This stuff is awesome hot. When I made it before it was cold and I only added butterscotch syrup to the cream soda--but adding some butter and heating it up--wowee.

Does any one have plans for a Harry Potter read all night party? Since I still have to parent the next day (hubby has to work) I am going to sustain myself with Butterbeer for that all import sugar rush.


Just A Knit Wit said...

I originally vowed to NOT read the book on Friday night, as I did that with book 6 and by the end I didn't care who died, I was so tired. But now I've admitted to myself that there's no way I'll be able to wait. I'll read until I'm exhausted and then hit the sack, but my goal is to not read the whole thing that night. I'll go to chapter... say... 7. (Probably more like 20, but it's good to have goals to ignore.)

Treesh said...

My library is having an all night party - for teens - to read the book. But as I am not a teen, I will have to wait until Saturday morning to get my book. I am first on the hold list, out of 40 holds, so I will be sure to get it, but just not at midnight.

I did ask if I could just stop by to pick up my book, but they said their computers would be off line so they would not be able to check it out for me.