Monday, July 2, 2007

Howdy :)

Hey everybody,

My name is Libby (*Hi Libby!*) and I blog at Derby and String....brought to you from sunny (at least today) Bothell, Washington.

My son (MHP, he's 7) and I are BIG Poter fans. MHP has been reading the 3rd book as of late (it takes him a bit longer because he likes to illustrate every chapter in his notebooks) and I'm re-reading The Order of the Phoenix (my fave book by far) for the 5th time.

I don't really have a favorite movie, unfortunately...I'm not a fan of translating books to movies, as I feel that a lot of the excitement and magic is lost. I'm a dork like that. If I had to choose though, I would say Prisoner of Azkaban because I *heart* Gary Oldman. (And to tell the honest truth, I own all 4 DVDs, bought the special editions when they were available, and they're my go-to movies when I can't figure out what to watch.)

Anyhoo...I've started a basic House hat and scarf for the book Slytherin colours to match my Draco Malfoy teeshirt. :) But I'm not really evil. I promise.

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Em said...

Welcome Libby! Glad you joined. I agree about the films not having the same *magic* but still being addicted to seeing and buying them anyway. And I, too, consider OotP my favorite, which means I am more than ever eagerly awaiting this next film.
Can't wait to see the progress with your Sly hat and scarf!