Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dateline! J.K.! Spoilers Galore!

Hello everyone! Instead of posting a huge spoiler, where your eye might accidentally run over it, I thought I'd take a page out of
Birdy's book and write my Spoiler in the comments instead and continue discussion here, especially after watching the Dateline interview with J.K. Hope to keep the talk alive!


Em said...

First, this thought hit me today and though it probably sounds "well duh!" to you, I almost had to sit down a moment. Do you realize that all four of the James/Sirius/Lupin/Peter gang died? Every single one of them! AND Lily and Severus. And they all, essentially, died defending Harry (I realize Peter's moment was a bit touch and go, but still, it was that bit of humanity that brought about his downfall...) But talk about a cursed group! All six of them- everyone we know from that younger generation, excluding Neville's parents, died. For some reason that really upset me when I thought about it in those broad terms. It's especially interesting when you think that NONE of Harry's group (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Luna) died. The parents and the people of their generation paid the price for the kids, maybe?
ALSO- did you see the Dateline interview?! I loved hearing about Harry, Ron, and Hermione's careers! How cool was that?!
And who's glad about Athur Weasley not dying in the end?! I couldn't believe she would have killed him in Book Five! When I read about a character getting a reprieve, I never would have imagined she thought about killing him in the snake attack.
Hmm... can't think of anything else right now, but hope to keep discussion going. I'm reading Hallows again and more closely now (after, I admit, speed-reading through it the first time ;-0 ).

Birdwell said...

I loved the Dateline last night--it was awesome! That's what I wanted from the epilogue: what is everyone actually doing. I also like that JK mentioned someday perhaps writing an encyclopedia.

I read somewhere else that some one finally figured out who did magic later in life. Ted Tonks, he was supposedly a muggle, healed Harry after the Voldemort ambush.

I also liked what JK said about death in her books--she wanted to put it all our there people die in wars and leave people behind. She didn't sugarcoat anything. But I am supremely happy that Harry finally knew peace. It is his time for peace after his terrible childhood.

I also like how JK made it clear that Snape loathed Harry to the end...although for my part I wish it weren't so...I wanted Snape to see Harry for who he was--someone different than his parents.

I re-read the book this week too...I read it in like 10 hours when it came out--so I paced my self this time...

Em said...

That explains so much about Ted! Reading the book more carefully this second time, I wondered how Ted had "fixed" Harry when we knew he was a Muggle. How interesting.
I know what you mean about Snape and his never "getting it" but at least Harry, in the end, did get it. Finding out about Albus Severus had me in tears!
I am really glad for the extra bit of details she gave about the three and their jobs. I'd love to know what happened to the rest of the Weasleys (especially George and Percy) and Luna. We'll cross our fingers for the encyclopedia!

Miss Scarlett said...

Albus Severus made me tear up too!

I was wondering what was up with Ted Tonks 'healing' Harry - and then I thought, well maybe I don't remember correctly and he was wasn't a Muggle, just not pure blood.

Oh - I am so glad that she didn't kill Arthur. That would have been too cruel. I love him - he is such a fantastic father. And really, Harry needs one father figure to survive!

I somehow didn't pick up on Snape still loathing Harry. I guess I liked Snape so much I glossed over it.

Scarves For All Reasons said...

Okay, please share what their careers were I didn't see Dateline

Pout ***pout**** sigh

karen a

Ann said...

Here's a link to a transcript of some of the interview. I'm sure you can find the video in youtube somewhere.

knitwhit said...
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