Monday, July 2, 2007

Copy Cat

When I saw Treesh's adorable Crookshanks I just couldn't resist the urge to knit one up myself. I even had the perfect yarn sitting in my stash!

He took me about 3 hours to knit, seam and finish up. I used safety eyes and embroidered his little nose on.

The yarn I used is Sensations Angel Hair. It wasn't furzy enough for me, so I used my hairbrush to floof it up. I ended up having to trim the hair off around the face though, his poor eyes got lost in all the fur.

Next up... Nagini!


Treesh said...

Oh he's wonderful! I love the yarn you used

Em said...

He's great! Fantastic job. I cannot WAIT to see how you do Nagini. Keep up the brilliantly creative knitting!

Janet said...

I was wondering when someone would make a Nagini.