Sunday, July 15, 2007

End-of KAL Finished Project Contest!

With a helpful nudge from our Ravenclaw ghost Johann, I remembered we should be having a Second Big Contest to finish off this KAL. Something about ending July 2nd and winners announced July 6th? I'm not really sure what mental case came up with those dates, but thank goodness I'm here to fix all that!

The Second Big Contest is for any finished item, completed during this KAL that was not submitted in Contest One (if you don't remember if you submitted it click here for the list). The item must relate to the Harry Potter series and be knit or crochet. Please post a picture and a few lines about it on the blog.

All posts with pictures must be posted by July 19th (if you are a member of this blog, on the sidebar, but cannot post here, email your entry and pictures to me and I will post for you, A list of these entries will be complied into one post and up on the site on July 20th.

Then it's up to You! The Voter! to pick our winner. In place of our weekly question, we'll put up a poll to pick your favorite. Ann and I will provide a contributing vote/tie-breaker influence, but please, KAL members, pick our final winner!

We'll leave up the poll for five or six days and then announce the winner, hopefully no later than Sunday, the 29th. I won't be online until I've finished with Deathly Hollows and I'm betting a lot of you feel the same way, so we'll keep an eye on the poll and pull it when it appears a majority of the KAL have been able to vote. At least five or six days.

Have at it! Get to finishing! Start posting! Let's give this last contest before Harry our best!


Kim said...

I know I won't be done with my afghan until at least the end of the month, but I'll still want to show it off once it's finished(even if it won't be eligible for the contest).

Are we going to keep this forum going after the book release(for discussion and whatnot)--after a waiting period, of course, to avoid spoilers?

I can't wait to see what everyone submits!

Em said...

Yes I hope to keep it going!
Initially Ann and I only meant to have a fun place to talk and knit Harry until the movie and book release. Recently, though, we realized- even after they come out, there will still be Harry to discuss! So this KAL will absolutely stay up.
Thanks for all your enthusiasm! And congrats on the contest!

Janet said...

Thank you, I thought that there was another contest (but I wasn't for sure).