Saturday, July 7, 2007

FO's for Slytherin

Happy Saturday everyone - I finally finished something...and started something else :) (ETA: I apologize for the spacing - I'm not used to Blogger's edits!!)

A House Hat (with a bit of a wonky crown, but it fits my giant melon...)

A Slytherin coloured bookscarf (re-reading the last book to refresh my memory...)

And last, but most certainly not least, a Dark Mark Illusion scarf in progress. Add about 10 inches to this, and that's where I am now. This pattern is brilliant....I've never done illusion knitting before, and never really cared to until this...hope to have it done when Mr. Man (my boyfriend) and I head to the Potter movie on Tuesday (our local cinema is having a 7pm showing Tuesday!!)


1 comment:

Em said...

Love the scarf! Dark Mark and all (though I'm a Gryff girl) that is one impressive knit. Keep up the good knitting!