Friday, July 13, 2007

OotP *spoilers*

Ok, so having seen the movie twice now (I went alone at midnight and then yesterday with a friend) I have a few observations...

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I wish they hadn’t eliminated so much of the verbal banter between Dumbledore and Voldemort. I think it showed a certain respect between the two, an acknowledgement of eachother’s power.

I love how they started eliminating Neville’s comic props. He said in an interview that he wore too big shoes to get the clumsy walk and ear wedges to push his ears out and it seems like they got rid of them and gave him a chance to prove his ability as a serious actor.

I would have liked to see a bit more anger from Harry. He really hit it perfectly in Dumbledore’s office after the snake attack, but everywhere else it was sort of lukewarm.

I loved how they took the sound out after Sirius died and just put music and quiet sobbing. It made the scene so much more emotional.

Did anyone else notice that manic grin on Harry’s face when Voldemort is whispering for him to kill Bellatrix? It’s only there for a few seconds but it is EVIL and very cool.

I also liked how Dan Radcliff did a subtle imitation of Voldemort throughout the movie. If you watch, when he gets those twitches, it’s the same motions as Voldemort makes at the train station when he’s in the suit, face to the side, neck stretched out.

How freaking awesome was the possession!!! Without a doubt my favorite part of the movie. And it goes right along with a theory that I have about how Dumbledore stresses to Harry that his love is his greatest strength. I honestly think that he’ll have to pity Voldemort before he can destroy him.

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Ann said...

I thought the sound crew did an excellent job in many parts of the film. I could have just listened to the DUmbledore/Voldemort battle and loved it. There were a lot of subtle sounds throughout that I can't remember now, but at the time I remember liking the background noises.

You're right about Harry imitating Voldemort's twitches! I had not noticed it, but as soon as you saidd it I remembered them.
I did like that they gave Neville a bit more screen time - but they reduced Ron's greatly, and I just really wanted to see more Fred and George. I would have really liked to see St. Mungo's and the scene with Neville, his folks, and his G'ma.

I like the way you made it so those who haven't seen it could easily not read it. I'd not seen that before.