Monday, July 9, 2007

First Slytherin Sock Slides Off The Needles!

You thought I wasn't doing anything on this KAL, didn't you? Well I was, so there!

Here is the first sleekly snakily beautiful Slytherin Sock (the pattern is Pomatomus from that genius Cookie A), worked in my own hand-dyed suitably green colourway.

And you know the way Scots kilt-wearers sometimes slip a skean dhu in their stocking top, in case they might meet a sworn enemy in the banqueting hall?

Well here is my Slytherin Snake Pin, used to fasten a shawl or to decorate a sock, as one feels moved. Cool, huh?
Now to get the second one finished. Not much time left before the movie opens. But if I miss that deadline (it is a rather complicated pattern), they'll definitely be ready for the book launch.

And I've been busy on general Hogwarts knitting too. I decided that Dobby the House Elf should have his own mini-gansey, to counteract the rather bright items he might receive from Mrs. Weasley.

This is the sampler in Beth Brown-Reinsel's marvellous book, Knitting Ganseys. The idea is that by the time you've worked your way through this inches-wide little treasure, you'll be well versed in all the intricacies and more than able to tackle a full-sized project. So I was hooked immediately (wouldn't anyone be?) and I'm knitting it up on a size 0 circular with a fairly fine sockweight in Cheviot pure wool. I'll post a picture when there is more than the miniscule welt to see.
Think Dobby will like it? Does he wear little cotton vests? If not, the wool might be a tad scratchy...


Tanya said...

I'm doing Pomatomus right now, too, as I listen to Order of the Phoenix on Audio CD. Mine aren't in Slytherin colors but I was thinking that if I get a Slytherin in the next Hogwarts Sock Swap.... Those are really cool!!!

Bev Love said...

Oh it's so true. I took one of Beth's classes and we knit the miniature cuff to cuff Aran Cardigan. We learned all of the mechanics and textures. It was great.

Jo said...

What unusual and imaginative socks!

I am so impressed with your pin. Where did you get it? Does it have a crystal ball in it, or is that a trick of the light/photo?

I love the look of ganseys, and that tiny one is so cute.

Em said...

Those are fantastic! Soooo Slytherin. And I love the Snake Pin!
Can't wait to see Dobby's Gansy.

Cheryl said...

The socks are stunning, Slytheriningly so..heehee
I have that pattern next up in list. Nice job.