Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Final Contest Submissions

Here are submissions for Part Two of the Big Harry Contest.

KnitWhit's Wizard's Hat.

Cheryl's Gryffindor socks.

Treesh's Gryffindor top, Slytherin top, Hufflepuff top, her Gryffindor pets, Baby Hedwig, Trevor the Toad, and Crookshanks and her Phoenix Tears scarf, all found here.

Lindsay's Dark Mark Illusion scarf.

Janet's Hufflepuff scarf.

Just a Knit Whit's Woolly Voldemort.

Birdwell's Hogwarts House Bracelets.

Mandy's Golden Snitch.

Karen's Sheldon the Turtle.

Scarves for all Seasons (a.k.a. Karen A)'s Slytherin Socks, Gryffindor socks, or Hufflepuff socks.

Please vote for your favorite in our sidebar poll! Voting will be up from now, Tues, 7/31 through Sat, 8/4. Or, knowing this KAL host, voting will be up at least that long ;-).

Good luck!

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