Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pick a Winner

Here are submissions for Part Two of the Big Harry Contest.

KnitWhit's Wizard's Hat.

Treesh's Gryffindor top, Slytherin top, Hufflepuff top, her Gryffindor pets, Baby Hedwig, Trevor the Toad, and Crookshanks and her Phoenix Tears scarf, all found here.
(I think each top will be counted as its own entry but the pets will be grouped together as one on the poll- how does that sound Treesh?)

Lindsay's Dark Mark Illusion scarf.

Janet's Hufflepuff scarf.

Just a Knit Whit's Woolly Voldemort.

Birdwell's Hogwarts House Bracelets.
(I grouped these as one- does that work for you, Birdy?)

Mandy's Golden Snitch.

Karen's Sheldon the Turtle.

Scarves for all Seasons (a.k.a. Karen A)'s Slytherin Socks, Gryffindor socks, or Hufflepuff socks.
(These I grouped together as one- is this alright, SfaS?)

Also, as I was pulling pictures of Karen A's socks (and I'm so sorry, Karen, for your troubles this year- I'm glad we still had some of your pictures here), I saw many completed projects that weren't put for submissions in the last two weeks. If you have something you would like added to this list, I ask you to do a new post, with a picture, with a few lines about pattern and why you did it. Right now it's Saturday in the AM, so why don't we say all these submissions should be put up by Sunday night? So when Monday morning comes around, I'll make sure everyone who should have a submission is on here and we'll put up a poll. How does that work?

And if you'd like to change how you're submissions are grouped you can: 1)comment here 2) email me at or 3)comment on my blog.

Hope this looks good to everyone!


Karen said...

Thanks for setting up the contest Em. No problems with my entry, other then that pointy nose on Sheldon. :-)

Good luck to everyone!

Birdwell said...

Thanks Em, I've got no problems with my entry--just awesome.

Jo said...

I feel really ungrateful for not putting up a post about what I've been doing, but other things have dragged me away from HP knitting lately.

I have made another hat just like the Ravenclaw ones, but in Slytherin colors for my granddaughter. No photo needed, it's just like the other one except for the color. I'm also making a Slytherin scarf (not done yet) and matching mitts, wimple and shawl (they're not done, either).

None of this can begin to compare with the other projects, though.

Are we going to keep the blog going? I'd love to continue this even without contests and prizes.

Since reading Deathly Hallows, a blue scarf with stars has been dancing through my imagination.

And I really want to make a dark mark illusion scarf!

When my daughter read the description of the Ravenclaw common room, she thought "Wow! Mom really is a Ravenclaw: that sounds like her living room!"

Thanks for having this KAL! I've had so much fun with it!.

Janet said...

Thanks- looks good to me.

Janet said...

I forgot the rules to voting. How and when do we vote? You probably told us but I forgot.