Friday, July 13, 2007

Should we be worrying now?

Mugglenet has just reported that apparently Jo says in her documentary that some people will "absolutely loathe" book 7. This to me sounds scary almost- outlook is terrible on Harry's chances of survival- and is a bit depressing. I know there is a large debate going over whether he will die and whether he needs to die, but I don't WANT him to die!! Eeek. So...what do you guys think? Should I start to brace myself now? I nearly lost it when Dumbledore died, I've no idea how I would handle Harry's death... :(


Birdwell said...

The only way I will loathe Book 7 is if at the end Harry wakes up from a coma and it's all been a great big dream.

If Harry does die (no NO!) I will sob and sob, but I can accept it.

The reason I lost it when Sirius and Dumbledore died was because it was yet another person(s) poor Harry has lost--when he needs all the support he can get. What will really kill me is if Ron or Hemioine or Ginny die...and I doubt Harry could honestly survive mentally or physically another significant loss like that.

Treesh said...

I am bracing myself for the possibility that Harry dies. That would be one way to really truly end the series (well Sherlock Holmes was brought back by popular demand after he died but that's another story).

But of course I don't want Harry to die.

I wonder if Hagrid will die - never thought about that before now. That would be tragic - he's so lovable.

Ann said...

It doesn't really bother me if Harry dies, because I can see why that might need to happen. Now, if any Weasleys kick the bucket - minus Percy of course - I will be heartbroken. I also hope Neville survives. His death would make me incredibly sad. I hope he has a larger part in this book.

Em said...

I've not read or heard this quote, except what's here on the blog, but people might "absolutely loathe" book 7 because it has a happy ending too. There are people out there who seem to think Harry has to die, that its only fitting, and they might be disappointed if the book has a nice ending, with all three main characters surviving.
I desperately hope she means THAT!