Monday, July 9, 2007

Is the movie a Tuesday release?

Just dawned on me... the movie opens WHAT TOMORROW!!! And that would be a Tuesday, right. Looks like DH has to reschedule band cause I can see a hot date. With the scarf done, just need to make a hair scrunchie. That should be fast.


Jo said...

All the trailers I've seen say the 11th. That would be Wednesday.

Possibly things are different where you live? Have you been seeing the 10th on trailers?

Libby said...

They've been pushing a midnight release (tonight) at most of the theatres here in the Seattle area....actually a 12:01 showing.

the "official" release date is Wednesday (tomorrow).

Unfortunately, even though my job stinks, I have to be responsible and can't see the first showing tonight :(

Kim said...

12:01 am is technically Wednesday(11th). I've got my tickets--after dinner I'll start loading up on Starbucks so I can make it until the end of the movie :)

Janet said...

thanks- looks like I won't be able to get to the movie until Sat.:( So I am going offline until then. Do not even try to talk to me about the new movie. Enjoy everyone.